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Debra Hensley’s Social Stimulus is about providing connectivity amid peers, among generations and between the varied dynamic groups that make up our community. Listen in as we explore the personal stories of inspiring community members who are making our community stronger. Then see it first hand at our informative gatherings, free and open to the public, where you’ll enjoy local food and dynamic local environments while learning about a shared local initiative. Join us as we celebrate our community and continue on a journey to a more engaged, vital and compelling place to live.

Good Lives, Good Lives Podcasts

Stimulating People with Stimulating Stories

Good Lives, Good Lives is an ongoing series of podcasts featuring stimulating individuals in the Lexington community.

Pam Miller

Others have called Pam Miller a trailblazer, and indeed she is a woman of firsts. She was taught the importance of public service from childhood, and spent her years in Lexington living that service. Pam Miller was the first to bring local fruits and vegetables directly from our farms to tables with the creation of the Lexington Farmer’s Market in 1972. She was also the first woman elected to Lexington’s brand new Urban County Council and first woman to serve as Mayor of Lexington. Now, after 47 years as a role model for positive change and champion of arts and education in our community, she will leave the city she loves with her legacy.

Visit our Good Lives, Good Lives Podcasts to learn more about the everyday people doing extraordinary things.

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